KRILA are currently looking for designers to come up with a visual identity and a set of communication tools for our new EU funded project “Make a Move”.
The goal of the ‘Make a Move’ project is to develop and pilot an innovative incubating environment in which small independent cultural operators primarily from the field of contemporary movement-based theatre will have the opportunity to develop their artistic and professional skills and grow their production proposals from the stage of creative ideas to the stage of a full theatre production.
Creative Laboratory of Contemporary Theatre KRILA is an art organization founded in 2011 in Rijeka, Croatia. Organization’s key activities are contemporary theatre productions, educational programmes as well as master workshops for the professional development of performance artists. The KRILA artistic focus is on collaborative and devised theatre, physical theatre (dramatic corporeal mime), site-specific theatre, new media performances and participatory events/audience co-creation events.
The goal of the ‘Make a Move’ project is to develop and pilot an innovative incubating environment in which small independent cultural operators primarily from the field of contemporary movement-based theatre will have the opportunity to develop their artistic and professional skills and grow their production proposals from the stage of creative ideas to the stage of a full theatre production.
The project will accomplish this by creating a sustainable transnational co‐creation laboratory in the field of contemporary theatre, starting with the development of need-based curriculum, continuing in the execution of three co-creation laboratory sessions, producing a target of theatre productions for display at European Capital of Culture occasions in Rijeka (Croatia) and Galway (Ireland).
In the process, the project will create capacity building tools and practices that will constitute a blueprint for a sustainable and mobile theatre incubator and raise awareness about the societal and artistic significance of non-institutionaliorganizationsractices.
Partner organisations:
Creative Laboratory of Contemporary Theatre KRILA
Institute of Arts Barcelona
Galway Theatre Festival
University of Arts Targu-Mures
Associate partners:
ACTS – laboratory for performance practices
Platform 88
Workinglifebalance Ltd.
ToTum TeaTre
Poulpe Electrique
EACEA – Creative Europe
Rijeka2020 – European Capital of Culture

We need a project Visual Identity: logo, identity system, and style guidelines/manual.
A striking and consistent visual identity is paramount. KRILA seeks a modern, dynamic visual identity for the project, as well as a style guideline/manual to be used across the project’s multiple events in multiple locations by various stakeholders to maintain a consistent brand identity. The visual identity system will, for example, encompass the partner’s – as organizations – and ‘Make a Move’ – as a project – assessments, research products, and conferences.
A style guide or branding manual (living document) will set rules on how the ‘Make a Move’ project is visually presented to the public. These rules will instruct KRILA and the project-partners how to properly use and communicate the ‘Make a Move’ project’s identity, from proper logo usage, the brand color scheme, the look of the website pages, stationery, signage, and print materials. The guide or manual should be aligned with the project’s mission, vision and activities.
Platforms in which we will use the logo and design elements:
Online communication:
– websites (new website of Make a move, websites of partners etc)
– social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn…)
– advertisements
– online professional network profiles
– reports (project, interim, financial)
– PDFs
– photo and video documentation
Promotional materials:
– merchandising
– brochures
– posters and roll-ups
Target audiences:
– the project members and partners
– policymakers
– researchers
– donors
– the audience of site-specific performances, work in progress shows
Other audiences:
– educators
– media and the general public
– internal Summary
The project title ‘Make a Move’ was inspired by a graffiti which we saw on a wall during a city walk on occasion of the third Rijeka workshop in October 2017. We thought that that graffiti perfectly captured the essence of our project idea: A group of movement-based theatre artists deciding to take action to affect change in the ability of the non-institutionalised theatre sector to evolve and bring theatre closer to the contemporary society (photo by Nicole Pschetz).

Amateur and professional designers, independent authors or interdisciplinary creative teams – can participate in the competition.
Your submission should include:

  • Your name, surname, contact information (email and cell phone).
  • One to three examples of logos
    The logo has to contain a name of the project “MAKE A MOVE” and a sign.
    You have to produce a characteristic relation of this two elements of visual identity.
  • A short text that describes the elements of the visual identity (sign, name, color(s) and typography) and their relation.
  • Design of the roll-up banner (dimensions: 85 x 200 cm) – this roll-up has to have the logo of Make a Move that you produced, logo of EU, logos of our partners, associates and supporters that are listed above.
    All the materials for the roll-up can be downloaded on the following link.
    *Complete proposal has to be delivered in one document in PDF.

    Further collaboration between the Client (KRILA organisation) and the Author:
    Within 24 hours of the announcement of the winner, the winner is obligated to deliver the visual identity in pdf file, and the roll-up-banner in pdf file ready for print.
    Additionally, the Client may ask the Author to make minor changes to the Roll-up design, and the Author has to deliver the redesigned roll-up within 24 hours of receiving the changes from the Client.
    After 15 days of the announcement of the winner the Author needs to deliver to the Client following materials:
    1. An example of a brand identity and style guide you have produced with all it’s elements:

  • logo in negative and positive variation
  • primary combined logo (sign and text)
  • secondary combined logo (sing and text in other variation)
  • secondary word-only logo
  • secondary sign-only logo
  • exclusion zones
  • display of fonts
  • display of color pallets
    2. Application of the visual identity on the print collateral templates: bag and T-shirts.
    3. The following templates to be used throughout the project lifespan:

  • Word template to be used for internal reports and deliverables
  • Powerpoint template for project presentations in conferences and meetings

    1. from 03/10/2018 to 10/10/2018: all people interested in submitting the proposal can address their questions in English to
    2. 13/10/2018: midnight UTC + 1: deadline for receiving proposals;
    Proposals have to be addressed to the following email:
    In the body of the email you have to write your full name, the organization in which you are currently working (if you free a freelancer write it down), email, telephone number.
    3. by 15/10/2018: the announcement of the winner.
    Presentation of Proposals and Results:
    The results of the selection process will be published on the web page and on its related Facebook page (@krila.laboratorij), and the winner is going to be contacted via email or phone number.
    The winner of the contest automatically agrees to the transfer of all rights concerning economic use and marketing of the selected proposals.
    The prize for this work is 1,000.00 EUR, and it is going to be transferred to the winners’ bank account within 8 days after the Author has delivered all the services to the Client according to this Call. By awarding the prize to the winner of the Call, all the materials delivered from the Author to the KRILA will become a property of KRILA, and KRILA have the right to use it without any additional authorizations and limitations of the Author.
    The Jury is made up of three (3) members, representatives of the Make a Move project:
    Ivana Peranić, Project manager
    Fruzsina Moricz, Financial manager
    Marta Pupić-Bakrač, PR & Marketing manager

    Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union