About us

Creative Laboratory of Contemporary Theatre KRILA is an Arts Organization initiated by theatre and performing artists Ivana Peranic and Jorge Correa Bethencourt in 2011 in Rijeka, Croatia.


Creating an explorative environment, creative space and collaborative dynamics in the field of contemporary theatre in Rijeka and Croatia, as well as developing the city and the region as strong and vibrant center of new tendencies in theatre and performing arts, connected with the European and world centers of those art.


  • PROVIDING regular and high-quality education in the field of contemporary theatre, as well as creating opportunities for the professional development for theatre and performing artists and educators
  • FOSTERING the creation and production of contemporary theatre performances
  • ORGANIZING local, regional and international cultural and social events (programmes, seminars, workshops, creative laboratories) in the field of contemporary theatre
  • PROMOTING AND POPULARIZING contemporary theatre in Rijeka and the region



  • EDUCATION /regular classes/ workshops/ seminars/
  • ARTISTIC PRODUCTION /theatre and live art performances/ artists’ actions and interventions/
  • NETWORKING /making connections, collaboration and exchange/


Contemporary theatre

We use Contemporary theatre as an umbrella name in order to encompass numerous forms and various tendencies that include Collaborative and Devised Theatre, Visual Theatre, Total Theatre, Theatre of Movement or Physical Theatre, Site-specific Theatre, Dramatic Corporeal Mime, Live Art and Performance Art, Artists’ actions and interventions and other forms which cannot easily fit in any of these categories.

Perhaps what all these forms share is a common approach to theatrical practice in which all dramatic elements present in the creative process are given as much importance as necessary, as opposed to traditional ways where rules limit the use of those elements, subordinating some to some others.