Thank you for expressing support for Creative Contemporary Theater Organization, KRILA.

As a non-profit art organization, every donation is valuable.

The donations bridge the gap between the price of tickets and the costs of bringing bright and interesting theatrical experiences in your and our lives, with the aim of educating and creating a vibrant center of new theatrical and performance streams associated with European and world art centers.

Your contribution helps us create ambitious new works, engage audiences, educate the community, and encourage the development of the next generation of theater artists and representatives of contemporary theater, a theater that brings us together in laughter, debates, performances and education.

Whether you believe in the power of arts education or in inspirational creative collaborations, donating resources to KRILA will turn your passion into reality and connect you with all that modern theater can be.

For details on the donation please contact us at 091 579 35 95 or via email:
Contact person: Ivana Peranić – Art director and founder of KRILA.

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