TranziT: festival of European contemporary theatre practices


TranziT: festival of European contemporary theatre practices

Initially, the Festival was envisaged as throughout a year festival of contemporary independent European productions with the specific focus on exploring new approaches to audience development in theatre by utilising the creative and innovative potential of contemporary theatre practices. In its pilot edition, 3 theatre productions and 1 workshop were planned but due to the COVID crisis, the Festival is reduced to one performance and one workshop with a presentation. The Festival is part of the European Capital of Culture program – Rijeka 2020: Port of Diversity inside the Kitchen of Diversity flagship.


Loud Whisper

Screaming workshop and public presentation
Date: 21st and 22nd August 2020
Location: Filodrammatica, Korzo 26, Rijeka and Jadranski trg, Rijeka
Public presentation: Jadranski trg, Rijeka on 22nd Aug 2020 at 7.00 p.m.
Workshop leader and performer: Christina Lederhaas
Artistic collaborator: Johannes Lederhaas

Sometimes the voice is stucked.
Then it is possible to take a cough sweet.
Or cry.
Or laugh.
Or scream.


Screaming can be an act of release. It can be an act of shaping intense voice in space. It can be an act of emancipating loud voice out of its box of taboos and find a pleasurable place for it in your body and in your city.

Sometimes you might have to scream because the voice cannot stand anymore the physical state your body is in. Or: you want to be heard! Or: you just enjoy getting loud and take your body on this journey!

For me, screaming is an act of big effort and I am interested in working on the effortless of this act through exercising the ability to listen to each other and space. Also, I am interested in rearranging loud voice in a city and transform it out of its victimised arrangements between power and impotence.

In this workshop, we will take a short journey on the resonance of your voice with other voices and in space. We will look at the body within an accurate dialogue between tension and relaxation. Then we will go onto the streets and find some arrangements in public space for you to enjoy loudness and still keep your ears open wide to the surrounding your voice is lancing through.

This workshop and public presentation is held instead of the performance this city’s loneliness: rijeka (with Eva Hofer/Theater im Bahnhof & Johannes Schrettle/Workinglifebalance Ltd.). This is due to the special circumstances Corona has put the world in. It does not mean that we stopped thinking about loneliness and it does not
mean that loneliness became a topic even more far away than ever before. What do you think?


About the artists

Christina Lederhaas is a freelancing performer from Graz/At, working within the fields of movement, voice and humor (

Johannes Lederhaas was born in Graz in 1980, where he lives as a freelance author, translator, and theatre-maker. He was a founding member of the author group “eigenbau” of theater im bahhof (1997 – 2004) and of “zweite liga für kunst und kultur”(2007 – current: ( As writer he worked with companies and theatres such as Theater im Bahnhof, Burgtheater Wien, Wiener Festwochen, steirischer Herbst and others. As a translator from Spanish, he worked with theatres such as Schauspielhaus Graz, Theaterhaus Jena, Konzertteater Bern, and others. As a performing artist, he founded the collective “workinglifebalance limited” with his wife and colleague Christina Lederhaas in 2016.

About KRILA Arts organisation KRILA is a laboratory for contemporary theatre promoting progressive practices and creating engaging artworks for local communities and citizens of Rijeka as well as supporting professionals and small independent European cultural operators in the field.

Photo Credit / Gudrun Becker, Graphic Designer (logo, posters, banners etc) / Ana Somek