Unreal Cities

“Unreal Cities” is an artistic multi-year project of transnational performing and multimedia artists that put in focus the notion how cities all over Europe share a similar fate, merging into one same, unreal city. In such city, the shared characteristics of the modern urban world can be overcome through cultural differences and artistic collaboration. Project is a part of the programme Rijeka 2020 European Capital of Culture
(ECOC), the Kitchen flagship – center of creative migrations.

Head of the project: Creative Laboratory of Contemporary Theatre KRILA (Rijeka)
Partners: ACTS (Oslo), MOVEO (Barcelona), Platform 88 (Perols/Montpellier), Poulpe Electrique (Pariz), ToTum TeaTre (Barcelona), Working Life (Graz).

The concept of the project has been developed around several topics that are interrelated and interconnected: Public space, Untold stories, Missing is presence, Layers and perspective, Believing in process. Project will research public and other, primarily non-performative spaces for artistic intervention in Rijeka. The aim is to connect those locations in a multi-media performance based on mapping different locations within a city but also among different European cities involved in the project.

So far three meetings have been held in Rijeka, in December 2016, June and October 2017. During those meeting participating artists have been developing a research project Reflective Bodies (2016-2020) that includes improvisational performative events based on movement and physical expressions of artists of different nationalities and backgrounds, as well as contact improvisation methodologies with the aim to establish a dialogue with the city and people of Rijeka, by continuously sharing some of the steps of a multi-year artistic project. During the process of those meetings with the audience of Rijeka, archive of documentation has been made and collected, that will be presented in 2020.

Artists: Fernanda Branco (Brazil/Norway), Monica Giacomin (Italy/UK), Joseph Jaouen (France), Sophie Kasser (Swisserland/Spain), Christina Lederhaas (Austria), Sébastien Loesener (France), Estella Muñiz (Spain), Ivana Peranić (Croatia), Nicole Pschetz (Brazil/France) Johannes Schrettle (Austria), Valentina Temussi (Italiy/Spain), Janaina Tupan (Brazil/France).

Projekt is funded by: Rijeka 2020 LLC, Foundation Kultura nova, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Österreichisches Kulturforum Zagreb / Austrian – Croatian Year of Culture 2017 and Kulturverein TAG theateragenda.

Special thanks to City Puppet Theatre Rijeka and Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka / Kamov Residency.