Taste of the Polish experimental theater workshops in Croatia

25th May 2020.

Taste of the Polish experimental theater workshops in Croatia

Master Class program of the Polish Experimental Theater
called “Flow and Connection” for youth and adults

In June, we are opening a month-long Master Class program of the Polish Experimental Theater called “Flow and Connection” which will be led by Polish theater artist Katarzyna Łobaza.

Duration of the programe: 2-30th of June 2020.
When? Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 PM to 9.30 PM
Price: 250,00 kn // 33,00 EUR
The workshop will be held in English!

This Tuesday (May 26th) and Thursday (May 28th) in HKD from 8 PM TO 9.30 PM we will have OPEN CLASSES FOR ALL INTERESTED!!!
*HKD Location; Center of the city; Adress: Ul. Strossmayerova 1, 51000, Rijeka, more HERE.

Get to know the Polish Experimental Theater; APPLY FOR THE FREE OPEN CLASS sending an email to info@krila.org with your name, contact (telephone) and the date when would you like to come to the open class (26th May or 28th May); subject Master Class

Flow and Connection

Taste of the Polish experimental theater workshops in Croatia

“The art at a high level is discovering, not exploiting” J. Grotowski

Flow and connection are the main sources of every acting techniques. To be interesting at the stage you have to explore those two main components. Flow is about freely using different elements from all of the creative acting methods. The connection is about fusing those components to conceive a more intriguing masterpiece.

At this workshop we will try to discover acting attributes such as body, voice, movement, contact with partner, imagination, interpretation, and working with text. Then we will try to combine that tools to create our own scenes as a piece of art.

In search of tangent points of theatre language, we will focus on the physical workout to activate the possibility of our body to feel free and confident at the stage. We will also examine how to work with the partner and space. We will try to develop body awareness, group awareness, and concentration. We will explore different ways, dynamic, and expression of movement.

Katarzyna Łobaza

Katarzyna is a theater instructor, an actress, a cultural animator, and a pedagogue of culture. She comes from Poland. She currently lives in Rijeka where she has started on an internship in KRILA.

She graduated from the Academy of Cultural Animation in Wroclaw in the field of theatre and drama. At the University of Wroclaw she obtained an MA in the field of pedagogy.

She worked as an actress in the Theater for Young Audience from Wolimierz. In this theatre she developed her skills in Puppet and Form Theatre. From 2015 to 2019 she conducted acting and movement workshops in Wroclaw. She has worked with kids, teenagers, schools, international schools, in orphanages but also with elderly people and disabled persons. In 2019 She played in “(Nie)Spelnieni”, the performance of the Documentary Theater, produced by Grotowski Institute. Since 2019 she has been cooperating with Teatr Czterech, the theatre situated in the National Museum in Wroclaw which connects different disciplines of art.

For years she has been learning and practicing various forms of theatre. Starting from Stanislawski method ending on experimental ways of contemporary theatre. She has participated in numerous workshops such as Coordination Method lead by Anu Almagro from Song of a Goat Theater, Method of working by Theodoros Terzopoulos, Body and Voice lead by Sam Alty, Voice Awareness by Shai Dyan, String of the Body by Kuba Gontarski and Aga Rybak, Gaga by Natalia Iwaniec, Interdisciplinary Theater by Igor Podsiadly, Intuition Dance by Dorota Kamecka, 5 Rhytmes by Joannna Hussakowska and more.

One of the most progressive times in her work was when she was doing an internship at Grotowski Institute and she was exploring various ways of making theatre.

Throughout her artistic and educational practice, she has been using all her experience in the diverse form of theater and movement. She is interested in combing a different kind of expression into one unity. Now, her biggest inspiration is the 5 rhythms dance.