You are on a train. You are searching for someone. You fall asleep.
In your dream you are on a train.
You are searching for someone…

Creative Laboratory of Contemporary Theatre KRILA is bringing the Japanese Theater Group Tarinainanika, and it’s Physical Theatre performance Tokyo Fugue. Tokyo Fugue is a mesmerizing piece of physical theatre, set in the maze-like train system of Tokyo.

Theatrical Group Tarinainanika is on a European tour, and after performing at the London’s Cockpit Theatre they will perform at the, they will perform at the Croatian Cultural Center (HKD) in Sušak, Strossmayer 1, in Rijeka on 04th September 2018, where the audience will have a unique opportunity to enjoy this poetic and mesmerising performance performed by the Japanese contemporary theatre.

It is a great pleasure to announce that the Japanese Embassy has included the theater performance “Tokyo Fugue” in their celebrational program for the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Croatia. With this gesture, they want to strengthen the relations between Japan and Croatia through cultural and artistic activities.

This is a show about feeling lost, set in the maze-like train system of Tokyo. The scenes unfold like the variations of a fugue, in sequences of meticulously crafted movement. With three bodies, three chairs, a collage of English and Japanese text, a lullaby, a fugue and some train sounds, Tokyo Fugue conjures up the dizzying experience of life in a modern metropolis. The audience is left breathless and wondering: what is it, after all, that I am chasing?

At times poetic, at times comical, at times unsettling, this is a theatre that speaks to the soul.

The creators are efficiently working with the atmosphere of the performance that is mostly achieved by light design, and music, which are both almost hypnotizing. Through the combination of unsettling music, mesmerizing light and captivating dance, they managed to create a performance about human confusion in modern chaos, which consumes our everyday lives. (Lucia Šmatláková, theatre critic, Labyrinth of the subconscious, 2018).

Audience Review:

“…show was fantastic!! I had so many goosebumps, it was crazy. So moving and profound, and important.Thank you thank you thank you for making that!!”

“…the performance was truly wonderful. I enjoyed it hugely and was so impressed!!!”

“…Thanks for creating this and for all the work that went into it!”

“Superb show today- I am on the train and still thinking about it! Really really loved it and I could totally watch you all day long- some of the sequences were mesmerizing!”


Presale: 50,00 kn
On the day of the show: 70,00 kn
With a discount: 30,00 kn

Tickets for “Tokyo Fugue” are available for pre-sale at Entrio (entrio.hr and it’s outlets) for 50,00 HRK.

At the day of the performance, tickets will be available for purchase on the entrance of HKD at the full price of 70,00 HRK. For students, pensioners and the unemployed, tickets are available for purchase on the day of the performance at 30,00 HRK, or they can be booked in advance at info@krila.org.

Tokyo Fuge Team

Created and Directed by Kentaro Suyama and Tania Coke
Performed by Kentaro Suyama, Tania Coke and Toshihiko Nishimura
Assistant Direction by Junichi Matsumoto
Text by Kentaro Suyama and Tania Coke
Music and Sound by Tania Coke drawing on Bach’s D Minor Fugue BWV 875
Videography by Katsuyuki Miyabe
Video Editing and Subtitles by Kentaro Suyama
Lighting Design and Operation by Amy Daniels
Sound and Video Operation by Chloe Kwok
Co-production of guest appearances in Rijeka: KRILA and Tarinainanika
Logistic support: City of Rijeka (Croatian cultural home on Sušak)

Tokyo Fugue premier was in December 2017. in Kawasaki.

Director and Performer tarinainanika Artistic Director

Came to London aged 18 to study acting, supported by a scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Culture. Kentaro was the teaching assistant and lead actor of the Theatre de l’Ange Fou Corporeal Mime ensemble before
moving to Tokyo to set up tarinainanika.

Director and Performer tarinainanika Artistic Director

On discovering Corporeal Mime Tania quit her career as a management consultant, retrained
and joined the Theatre de l’Ange Fou. She moved to Tokyo in 2010 to set up tarinainanika with Kentaro. First performed at The Cockpit 10 years ago in “Theatre in the Pound”.


Tokyo-based actor and voice coach. A regular collaborator with tarinainanika. Creator of “Hitori Ghibli”, a one-man interactive show based on the animated films of Studio Ghibli. This is his first visit to the UK.

Assistant Director

Tokyo-based man of the theatre. Junichi has been central to the development of Tokyo Fugue since its inception. This is his second collaboration with tarinainanika.


Tokyo-based film-maker. Creator of the award-winning short film “duet.”, a collaboration with tarinainanika. Currently working on a movie version of Tokyo Fugue (available through bit.ly/tokyofugue). Former planetarium director.

Sound & Video Technician

London-based composer and sound designer. Chloe has been part of Tokyo Fugue since it premiered in Japan in 2017. When she came back to the UK to compose music for shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, Tokyo Fugue wasn’t far

Lighting Designer & Technician

London-based theatre technician and lighting designer. Having lived in both London and New York, Amy knows a
thing or two about the lighting on the subway. She met tarinainanika whilst working at The Cockpit, and hopes
she will soon see the Tokyo subway in the (metal) flesh.

See you there! 🙂