Ivana Peranić

Art director and founder of KRILA
Theatre artist, performer, choreographer, pedagogue. She studied at The International School of Corporeal Mime in London, as well as at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka. She collaborated with various local and foreign performance artists, and participated at numerous festivals both in Croatia and abroad, such as the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in Rome, International Theatre Festival Kaukliar in Bratislava, Festival of Young Creators BREAK 21 in Ljubljana, Theatrefest in Sarajevo, Zadar Dreams in Zadar, PUF – Pula International Festival in Pula, Art of Acting in Movement Theatre International Presentations in Warszawa, Poland, FOPA – Festival of Performing Arts in Pula, Festival of Visual Theatre in Labin, Adventures in Movement Festival in London, Korean International Theatre Festival in Chuncheon, South Korea, International Multimedia Festival Patosoffiranje, Smederevo, Serbia; Locate Dance Festival, London;, Zagreb. Member of the Croatian Freelance Artists Association, Association of Dance Artists of Croatia and Croatian Centre for Drama Education.

Jorge Correa Bethencourt

Coordinator of the educational programme and founder of KRILA
Born in Spain in 1973. From 2011 living and working in Rijeka. Theatre and mime artist, performer, author, mag. art. of scenic movement and pedagogue. He graduated and post-graduated Dramatic Corporeal Mime, and Direction and Teaching at the International School of Corporeal Mime in London, where he worked as well, as an assistant and art associated with topmost theatre masters Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum. As a performer and co-author, he performed at numerous festivals in Ireland, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Brazil, Poland, India, South Korea and Croatia. He finished the post-graduation course MA Movement Studies at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. In Croatia, he collaborates with theatre and performance artists and associations, such as Studio Lila, Rubikon Theatre, Pomodori Rijeka, Drugo More, Domino, Oz Theatre and others.

Andrea Kustić

Designer of the visual identity of KRILA and public relations associate
Born in 1984 in Rijeka, where he went to the School of Applied Arts, Department of Graphic Design and the Academy of Applied Arts, elective course of Graphics. One of the founders of the associationArterija suvremene umjetnosti (the Artery of the Contemporary Art) and an active member (organization of around fifty exhibitions of students and young authors) from 2007 to 2010, when he co-founded (together with Nadeža Elezović and Jelena Tondini) the association Posve moguća družinaRijeka (Completely Possible Squad Rijeka). He is a co-author of the projects; Izložbe studenata APU (Students’ Exhibitions of the Academy of Applied Arts) ’07, ’08, ’09 (Artery), In Progress ’10, ’11 (Completely Possible Squad), Courtney Phutura (Tondini/ Kustić). Since 2005 until this day, he has realized individual projects and exhibitions, as well as participated in joint projects and juried exhibitions, both locally and abroad (Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Germany). With the production in the field of classical media (drawings, graphics), he is engaged in conceptual art, organization and graphic design. Lives and works mostly in Rijeka.

Filip Povrzenić

Pedagogues associate and manager of the programme Contemporary Theatre for Youth and Adults
Born in 1979 in Rijeka, where he went to elementary school and the Gymnasium of Natural Science. After the gymnasium, he studied Management at the Faculty of Economy in Rijeka.
In 2001, he went to the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, Course of Theatre Directing and Radiophony (Broadcasting).
After graduation, assists and works on numerous shows in Zagreb and Rijeka. As an assistant director, he worked on shows: Naš grad (Our City) (T. Wilder), ZKM; Vrata Do (Next Door) (S. L. Vidulić), ZKM; Čovjek koji je spasio Europu (The Man Who Saved Europe) (A. Šoljan) in the direction of Rene Medvešek; Skakavci (Grasshoppers) (B. Srbljanović) in the direction of Janusz Kica; Metastaze (Metastases) (I. Balenović) in the direction of Boris Svrtan, Kerempuh. Also, he had a few individual theatre directions at the ITD Theatre: Guernica (F. Arrabal), Gdje je nestao Mozart (Where Did Mozart Go) (A. Buhbinder) and Kabinet (Cabinet) (A. Gabelić).

Nina Zimmermann

Project coordinator
Born in 1989 in Rijeka. She gained the title Bachelor of Cultural Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka, and the title Master of Media Arts and Practices at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka. She was trained in the field of project management and marketing in culture, and writing and implementation of (EU) projects through faculty and workshops. She coordinated one perennial author project and several short-term projects. She participated in group exhibitions and various workshops. She is interested in video, photography, installations and objects, and the combination of performance arts and new media.

Marta Pupić-Bakrač

Digital Marketing and PR Associate
Born in 1991. in Rijeka where she studied Marketing and IT business at Faculty of Economics and gained the title Master of Arts.
Her interest and expertise in fields of marketing, PR and modern communications in which she invests a lot of her free time by attending workshops and researching trends, and her love towards different directions of art with an emphasis on conceptual and contemporary, brought her to us. For many years she has been cherishing her artistic side by attending various painting and pottery workshops, as well as exhibitions and theater performances.