Understage premier on 22nd December, 2017. at Filodrammatica, Rijeka

The project is envisaged as a physical theatre performance in which emphasis is placed on the author’s memories, dreams and reflections where subjective and fictional, realistic/non-performative and performative are mixed up and interrelated. The performance is happening in theatre, but in the space under the stage where different props, stage design equipment and other things from the past performances have been stored as well as things that used to be part of the space but are not in function any more like broken chairs or ladders for example.

This space under the stage is seen as storage place of something from the past, placed away, forgotten, used up and which becomes a metaphor for repressed feelings and wishes, forgotten memories, lost people, unfulfilled dreams. The room is crammed, cramped, intimate, and slowly will be revealed through the dynamic interplay between performers, light design and music. Space above can’t be seen but can be heard and be located through the sound which comes from different directions as if coming from different corners of mind/ subconscious/memory, also coming from different distances as if coming from different periods of time. Those possibilities of space will serve as dramaturgical opportunities for staging ideas of going deep into one’s memories, feelings and thoughts.

The performance is an expression of author’s need for reflection, self-examination and letting go of a life circle that has come to an end in order to begin with a new path relieved from the burden of the past.

The seed of this project was conceived at the international collaborative artistic platform Gangplank. Gangplank addresses the question of networks and interdisciplinary creation processes in contemporary performance making and the issue of technology as an evolving dramaturgic mean.
In June/July 2016 in Rijeka Gangplank held a ten-day research and residency through which participants had an opportunity to develop and explore their own project ideas in cooperation with program leaders artists Bruno Pocheron and Emese Csornai. The emphasis was on developing project ideas in relation to the light design and the concept that light design is as equal dramatic and creative element in the development and creation of the performance.

Concept/Choreographer/Performer: Ivana Peranić
Performer: Anja Sabol / Marina Musulin
Composer: Enver Krivac
Light Designer: David Dubrović
Costume Designer: Tajči Čekada
Photographer: Kristijan Vučković
Artistic Cooperation: Bruno Pocheron i Emese Csornai (Collective Gangplank)
Filimed by: Maša Drndić
Funded by: the City of Rijeka and Primorsko-goranska County
Supported by: Molekula – Alliance of associations