Encounters in kortil

” Encounters in Kortil” is a pilot research and development project that brings together artists and community through a series of art events. The project is envisaged to take place in the Kortil Gallery space, four encounters per year. Each encounter includes some community groups such as children, retired people, students, blind and partially sighted, and the general public audience. The theme of the ” Encounters in Kortil ” in 2017 is the motive of contact and communication among people and includes its forms: verbal (storytelling) and physical (touch). This is the starting point for each encounter that is then discovered and realized in a live encounter.

In the realization of each encounter, a team of experts from various disciplines under the artistic direction of the choreographer and author of the project Ivana Peranić, who developed the topic of communication and communication among people – verbal, physical, playing and sharing the common space – is involved. Their artistic research creates guidelines which then lead the group of citizens through the succession of a common performance.

Encounters are interdisciplinary – they include artists from different disciplines, critics, theorists, psychologists, art historians and others; Intermediate – they include dramatic corporate mime and movement, music / sound, photography, video, painting, sculpture, poetry; trans-media – they explore the principles of interaction, transfer and composition from one medium to another within live performance; and participative – collaborative team of authors develop plans for the realization of the encounters to include the audience in the creative process – guest artists, interest groups and the general public.

In the concept of the project is the creation of a dynamic and continuous space of creativity and social dialogue, encounter and exchange of artists of different backgrounds and disciplines, artists and non-listeners, organized audiences, and random entrants or passers-by. This project aims to achieve that the audience participation and engagement of the artist versus the community is a year-round and then a multi-year constant, not a sporadic event. The aim is to make the Encounters a kind of new common space of communication and a new form of exchange, engagement and creativity for the community, and to have every other relevant theme every other year as a thematic framework.

Author and Project Leader Ivana Peranić is an artist who has spent over 20 years researching and practicing body language and expressing movement within the performative arts with a special emphasis on dramatic corporate mime (E. Decroux, S. Wasson, C. Soum) and other practices that center around physical action and the body of the author/performer, such as The Suzuki Method,

(M. Porter), Authentic Movement (L. Bartal), Contemporary Dance (Merce Cunningham Dance Company), Ballet (LS Chan), Tai Chi, Performing Arts methods of J. Grotowski (A. Gey Pin) and Biomechanics (G. Bogdanov).

Choreographic plans will include elements of all practices listed above in interaction with other media. The elaborated plans encourage the liberation of the creative essence of each participant, the awakening of the desire to express and share the experience, to actively engage in a group, in a creative act, to an event, to be a part of a common being. The accent is to stimulate all the senses through the involved media and to awaken the body of participants through contact and nonverbal communication; and through the initiation and release of the body, we are also liberating both thought, experience, voice and speech. The body is the foundation in which all our previous experiences and all our attitudes are memorized. Through the release of the body, the mind is freed and the mind, through physical contact and the revelation of each other’s constellations, creates connections between people. After the performance part comes a reflexive part of the encounter where the participants individually reflect that which was experienced in any medium. Through this reflection and critical re-examination, the aim is to know something new about artists and citizens about ourselves, others about the creative and artistic process, about the ways of viewing and experiencing themes that are important to us and which arise from ourselves and our group/community. The theme of the “Encounters in Kortil” in 2017 is the motive of contact and communication among people and includes its forms: verbal, physical, playing and sharing common space. This box is the starting point for each encounter that is then discovered and realized in a live encounter.