Apart from production and education, the art organization KRILA also focuses on projects of networking and cooperation. Currently, the organization participates in three multi-year networking and collaboration projects:

1. Unreal Cities (2016-2020) – project coordinator KRILA, patents: ACTS, MOVEO, Platform 88, Poulpe Electrique, ToTum TeaTre, Working Life. The project is an integral part of the Kitchen program within the ECOC Rijeka 2020 program.

2. Encounters in Kortil (2017-2020) – project coordinator KRILA in cooperation with the Kortil Gallery and the artistic initiative “Kortil Live”, which is a part of Sweet and Salt program as part of the ECOC Rijeka 2020 program.

3. Young Theater (2017-2019) – project coordinator Pionirski dom (Ljubljana), partners: Children’s Cultural Center Belgrade (Serbia), Elckie Centrum Kultury (Poland), Opera Comica Pentru Copii (Romania); Associates: KRILA (Croatia) and Thalia Theater (Slovakia). The project was approved by the European Commission under the Creative Europe program.