Master workshops

Throughout the year we host experts and contemporary theatre practitioners from Croatia and abroad who share their knowledge and experience with young creators and adults, as well as with the professional artists by leading weekend master workshops. Working languages are English and Croatian

Workshops are aimed at:

Young creators and adults (17+) – young people interested in dramatic arts wanting to discover more about the process of creating works of contemporary theatre regardless of previous scenic experience, as well as theatre and performing creators who already have some experience and knowledge and want to further learn and develop their skills in that direction.

Professional artists – actors, performers, dancers, circus artists, live art practitioners, directors, choreographers, dramaturgs, pedagogues, singers, visual artists, sculptors and all others who have in the centre of their interest live performance and expressive possibilities of the performer.

The first set of the master workshops THE DRAMATURGY OF THE PERFORMER included workshops that had in focus performer’s physical and vocal abilities which affect their pre-expressive level and therefore directly influence the process of creation as well as live performance.
In October, November and December 2011 we hosted two extraordinary artists and pedagogues, Irena Tomazin from Slovenia and Jorge Correa Bethencourt from Spain. In their workshops, each facilitator brought into focus one aspect of the dramaturgy of the performer and its relation to other dramatic elements using specific methods of creating and composing the scenic material. Because of the great interest, we hosted Irena Tomazin in Rijeka in March 2012. We held two Scenic movement and Dramatic Corporeal Mime workshops led by Jorge Correa Bethencourt in Zagreb in collaboration with Tresnjevacka House and Kultura promjene. In April we’ve organized a workshop especially aimed at drama pedagogues and theatre practitioners led by experienced drama pedagogue Maja Stankovic. Check our archive for more details!

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