Contemporary theatre for young creators and adults

The main objective in these older groups is to prepare young and adult theatre students to achieve a better level of understanding and execution in their theatrical practice and to lead them into a stage experience which could serve as a semi-professional platform in physical drama. The main focus in both groups is that students learn to develop all elements of a dramatic piece starting from the most basic physical actions, the use of space, rhythm and articulation of the body.

The programme consists of two subprograms:

1. SCENIC MOVEMENT – the programme offers to the participants the possibility to be creatively confident in their body which is the main element of their scenicity and creativity. The skills that will be developed are: coordination, balance, endurance, flexibility, continuous self-exploration through improvisation, and technique and work on the composition with props.

2. SCENIC SPEECH – the programme includes breathing exercises, exercises for developing voice and pronunciation, and work on speech elements such as intonation, intensity, rhythm, pauses, and the use of these elements on a text we are working on. We will work on poems and monologues. This is also a preparation for the enrolment on the Academy and acting studies.

Course leaders: theatre artist and pedagogue Jorge Correa Bethencourt (Master of Arts of Stage Movement at the Central School of Speech and Drama, London) and theatre director Filip Povrženić (Academy of Dramatic Art, Zagreb).

The programme will be held from 10th October 2017. on 10th June 2018.
Monthly fee: 250 kunas
info on or 091 579 35 95

Previous Productions

The performances were born as a result of a regular educational program for young creators and adults: