Contemporary theatre for Children and Youth


The aim of this programme is to awake children’s interest in theatre, and to nurture their creativity, understanding and sensibility for different forms and possibilities in contemporary theatre praxis. Guided by experienced professionals ,children will be stimulated through numerous creative exercises and drama games into developing their imagination, playfulness and free expression as well as into aquiring and developing new individual and social abilities. It is very important for us to create an environment in which children will feel safe and confident to freely express themselves and to connect with their peers. During the process of building scenic material they will improvise in the use of words, voice, gesture and movement. Participants of the programme will have an opportunity to present their work to an audience as a way to start developing their (first) performing and acting experiences.
Programme leader Ivana Peranić with guest artists and educators.

Previous Productions

Presentations held within the educational program for children and youth: