Acting and Film


– getting acquainted with film-based participants who, in relation to acting in the theater, have their own specifics and requirements, based on the expressive means of the film such as camera, piano, camera and camera condition.
– Acquainting the participants with the basis of the process of film making; the participants will meet secrets hidden behind the camera and gain practical knowledge of the great film-making process adapted to their age, and most precious of all – to gain the experience
of filming their own film in collaboration with their peers, with artistic and pedagogical leadership.

Age group: 7th and 8th grade of primary and secondary school students
Duration: 9 months – from September 18, 2017, to June 18, 2018.
Dynamics: 3 hours per week, Saturdays from 9 am to 12 pm, and during Module 3 – recording, it is possible to get a larger engagement in agreement with the participant


In cooperation with the artistic and pedagogical leadership of the program, the participants go through the process of film making with an emphasis on film acting. The program is implemented through weekly workshops of 3 full hours and contain: – introductory games so-called “Icebreakers” that break ice and relieve participants of any inhibition of
restraint and encourage them to connect with peers in the group; -drama and other
games to stimulate creative thinking and artistic expression; – acting and film exercises that develop speech, movement and movement skills, improvisations and compositions; getting acquainted with the expressive means of the film through an analytical view of shorter film clips; – the use of acquired skills and knowledge in the process of creating film material through acting and technical improvisations and tests.


Artistic Program Manager and Teacher: Ivana Peranić
Film director and director: Alisa Debelić
Professional associates: Enver Krivac and Zlatko Ožanić



– From Idea to Script (September and October 2017)
The program structure follows the film’s stage of creation. In the first module, topics and ideas will be explored for a group of occupations, and participants will get acquainted with expressive filmmaking tools in relation to acting. Film exercises will be recorded, and the filmed material will be analyzed in collaboration with managers and professional associates.


– From script to recording (November and December 2017)
In the second module, the participants will become familiar with the process of selecting locations, scenography, costumes and creating a storyboard function on which the
performing and technical tests and trial shooting will be based on. In collaboration with
managers and technical team, the recorded material will be analyzed jointly.


– Recording (January – April 2018)
According to the shooting plan, in cooperation with the technical team of the Natural Sciences and Graphic High School of Rijeka, the material that was prepared in the previous period according to scenes, locations and actors, will be filmed.


– Film Exercises (May and June 2018)
During the installation and post-production process that will be directed by Alisa Debelić, students of the Natural Science and Graphic School of Rijeka, and their mentors, program participants will further develop their skills and knowledge through more complex film exercises and tasks, following the film making experience.

The projection of the short film for the public – the project of young KRILA students and the students of the Natural Sciences and Graphic School of Rijeka in cooperation with professional artists and pedagogues – will be held in June 2018. Each student will receive a copy of the film.